19WIN Season - Fees due Sat Jan 26

Wanna play?  Need more information / have questions?  Start here.

Week 2 (Roster & Payment due this SaturdayPayOnline Mon 21-Jan
Sponsor invoices emailed (with cc to Captain) Mon 21-Jan
Shooters Fees & Roster due    PayOnline Sat 26-Jan
Week 3 (penalty pts for non-payment/missing Roster)   unpaid  Mon 28-Jan
Payment deadline - Teams dropped for unpaid Shooter Fees Sat 2-Feb
Week 5  (check your team Roster) Mon 11-Feb
Sponsor statements emailed (with cc to Captain) Mon 11-Feb
Week 6 Mon 18-Feb
Payment deadline - Teams dropped for unpaid Sponsor Fees Sat 23-Feb
Week 9 (last wk for subs or to add new players) Mon 11-Mar
League Championships @ Revolutions (Fx) May 4th &5th


Please make sure that you are always playing with good sportsmanship.  Keep smoke breaks to a minimum and make sure you are not doing things that will delay the match.  We all love the game, and we all want to win.  Always make sure that you both win and lose with the sportsmanship that you would like to have other players show you.