22Winter Season Championships

Sat Apr 9       Singles - Noon

Weeks 1-4  are available.  Click the "Weekly Highlights & News" button on the right.

Modified 4/4/2022


22Win Season

TEAMS: In Person     (4-8 players/team) MIXED TRIPS
(3 players/team)
SINGLES: In Person (MD) and Online
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Rosters &
Payment Status

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Shooter Fee

$25/WADA member, $45/non-member
Plus $20 per team DartConnect fee   
enlightenedPay Team fees                        
$30/WADA mbr, $50/non-member
enlightenedPay Trips fees
$30/WADA member, $50/non-member
enlightenedPay Singles fees      

Sponsor Fee **

$60 per team **
(** All Sponsor fees for 22WIN are 75% of normal. 
 Click for Sponsor Fee payment status.)
$45 per team ** In-person league: 
$15 per shooter ($75 maximum) **


Apr 2     "B" League - Noon @ Revolutions Springfield
Apr 3     "A" League - Noon @ Revolutions Fairfax
Apr 2  Noon @ Revolutions Fairfax April 9  @ Noon (online)



In-person runs thru DartConnect on Mon - Wed based on Level and Location.  Requires 3 teams to run a division.  It is possible to do split
divisions, but that decision will be based upon the number of teams and their locations once all applications are in.
In-person runs thru DartConnect on Thursdays In-Person and Online flex leagues run thru DartConnect


Jersey Jersey See "Singles Awards" below this chart

Wanna play?  Need more information / have questions?  Start here.

Singles Awards

-First place: option of a cash prize*, a custom jersey from Magic Wear, a gift certificate to The Dart Guys, or paid pre-registration for the Washington Area Open.
-Second place (if applicable): option of a cash prize*, a gift certificate to The Dart Guys, or paid pre-registration for Sat and Sun singles for the Washington Area Open.

*Cash prizes are based on the number of players in your level of play.
    Up to 8 players - 1st place $100
     9 - 15 players - 1st place $100  2nd place $50
     16 - 23 players - 1st place $150  2nd place $75
     24+ players - 1st place $200  2nd place $100

xxSpr Sponsors

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       7255 Commerce Street
             Springfield, VA

         7014 Columbia Pike
            Annandale, VA

2901 Bel Pre Rd, Silver Spring, MD

        13891 Metrotech Dr
             Chantilly, VA

            9687 Fairfax Blvd
                 Fairfax, VA

46970 Community Plaza, 2nd Floor
            Sterling, VA

Sportsmanship  yes

Please make sure that you are always playing with good sportsmanship.  Keep smoke breaks to a minimum and make sure you are not doing things that will delay the match.  We all love the game, and we all want to win.  Always make sure that you both win and lose with the same sportsmanship and respect that you would like to have other players show you.

Refer to Rules of Etiquette document (which is a part of the WADA Rules).